Hello Harmonium— The React Framework for Shipping Fast

HarmoniumHarmonium is a framework of React components optimized for teams that want to ship apps fast. It is a curated list of components that work together and have cohesive styles. One of our design goals is that you never have to research and handpick component packages. Whatever you need is already here.

Harmonium was built by Revelry Labs. We've been doing React since the earliest version was in beta. We've built dozens of React apps and we've learned what works and what doesn't. And our focus is on shipping gold fast. So we never want to solve the same problem twice.


npm install --save harmonium

You can now import the components and start using them. See the component example documentation listed to the left.


We don't just provide JavaScript. We've built a set of SCSS styles for all the components. It is in the scss directory of the package. You can either copy it into your project's SCSS directory, or use a tool like sassy-npm-importer to import it from the package.

The styles can be easily customized for your project through many overrideable SCSS variables. You can download starter settings files to include in your project here.