path: '/guidelines/overview/' title: 'Overview'

Harmonium is a Design System for teams that move fast. Scalable design tokens, accessible markup, and a comprehensive component library allow for harmonious user experiences.


Good design is flexible. Enable products to gracefully accommodate new features, markets, and platforms.


  • Provide space for innovation and iteration
  • Help others see the big picture and plan for scale
  • Create design solutions across different media


We’re stronger together. Our designs should be accessible and inclusive to all, regardless of ability, culture, location, or quality of internet access.


  • Maintain accessibility standards
  • Build responsively
  • Understand your audience and build for their needs


Consistency breeds stability. Maintain consistent standards and develop reusable patterns that allow for a predictable user environment.


  • Architect reusable design patterns, components, and templates
  • Minimize users’ cognitive loads and decision-making time
  • Enable users to feel confident when interacting with our products


Don’t only make something that works. Design for experiences that people love to have repeatedly. Craft aesthetically pleasing offerings that carry a consistent meaning in their form and function.


  • Focus on essential, functional design
  • Build purposeful design solutions
  • Reduce distractions