Harmonium includes several visibility utility components. These components are used to control the visibility of their children in different situations. For example, contents can be made invisible at specific breakpoints.

Show for Small Only
Show for Medium Only
Show for Large Only
Show for XLarge Only
Show for XXLarge Only
Show for Small Up
Show for Medium Up
Show for Large Up
Show for XLarge Up
Show for XXLarge Up
Hide for Small Only
Hide for Medium Only
Hide for Large Only
Hide for XLarge Only
Hide for XXLarge Only
Hide for Small Up
Hide for Medium Up
Hide for Large Up
Hide for XLarge Up
Hide for XXLarge Up
Hidden for Small Only
Hidden for Medium Only
Hidden for Large Only
Hidden for XLarge Only
Hidden for XXLarge Only
Hidden for Medium Up
Hidden for Large Up
Hidden for XLarge Up
Hidden for XXLarge Up